Hello my fellow beach lovers... I have always wanted cool stuff for the beach.
I started by looking for the perfect beach blanket. Something that sand was easily removed from.
A blanket that was not sweaty to lie on and one that the corners didn't flip up in the wind.
That is why I designed and made my perfect Beach Blanket.
Water proof and breathable bottom, soft micro fiber top and loops on the corners that can be pinned down with pegs.
I love the cool shaded sand air that radiates up through the breathable fabric.

When I had too much sun or wanted to go for a walk the beach. I needed something to wear!
The Hoodie with Bamboo/Cotton was created.
It fits loosely, like something you have borrowed from your boyfriend or husband.
Using the bamboo/cotton was the perfect choice, it so comfortable on the skin.
Great because it is a Natural Fabric.
Next was the high waisted shorts with loose pockets for shells, flip flops and phone of course.
The high waist doesn't give you a muffin top look at all  ;)
I needed lounge pants to match my hoodie (no brainer).  I just love the feel of the soft bamboo/cotton.
Loose fitting and great for that first coffee in the morning.

Now the list started to grow with the suggestions from family and friends.
You all know how strong and independent women you all are !!!
I needed sunglasses that were the right price so it would not matter if they fell into the sand.
I needed a sun visor that floated, just incase it fell into the water.
I needed a ball cap to hold my hair back on a windy day.
I needed a beach bag to tote everything around in..

Alas... I needed something to launder everything with. Soak wash is a perfect fit.
I have been using this product for years because it is biodegradable, phosphate-free, dye-free and sulfate-free !

So ...... what this all boils down to is .....
Everything on my site is 100% used by me.

The quality is top shelf and I can cut/sew products in Canada.
When I cannot source products from Canada, then I will look in the USA.
Only after these two do not produce what I need, I will use a out of North American source.
As we all start a new chapter by buying and supporting local.
I am sure that I will be able to source more and more local materials for my products.

Thank you for Supporting Canadian!